Why this, why now?

by Greg Kalai

Personal care is an €80 billion industry that relies largely on plastic. The shampoo in your shower? It most likely sits in a plastic bottle. The body wash? Same. The face wash? Same. The toner? The cotton swabs? The toothpaste? The mouthwash? The hand soap? Same.

This wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago, personal care items barely had any plastic packaging. Soaps were still in bar form and hair-care products were either powders or pomades packaged in tins or jars. They had little to no water and so they didn’t need to be in liquid form. Production changed over time and now almost all products that sit on supermarket shelves consist mainly of water.

That means we are shipping tons of water all around the world in plastic containers, which contributes tremendously to the carbon footprint, water footprint, and also the plastic footprint. An entire supply chain relies on you not knowing where your products come from and why they come the way they do.

This is why we set out to explore alternative solutions to personal care. We wanted our products to be basic and easy to understand. We set out to create a personal care brand that fights plastic waste and reconsiders what is necessary to maintain optimal hygiene.

We can bore you for hours with statistics on how damaging plastic is to the environment, its organisms and how long it takes to degrade. But you’ve heard the spiel before. What you haven’t heard of is a viable alternative, and that is what we are trying (so very hard) to be.

The world changes when habits change, so here’s to small changes, big impacts and less plastic 🥂